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Law and Parliamentary Affairs
The Honorable Governor of Sindh, summon the Provincial Assembly of Sindh to meet on Monday the 24th day of July, 2017 at 3.00 p.m. at the Sindh Assembly Building, Karachi.   *   Final Seniority List of ASSISTANT DISTRICT PUBLIC PROSECUTORS (BS-17), Criminal Prosecution Searvice wing Law Department,as stood on 20th July,2017, is hereby circulated.   *   On recommendation of Hon'ble Chief Justice , High Court of Sindh and with the approval of Competent authority (Chief Minister), Dr. Chaudry Wasim Iqbal, District & Sessions Judge, is hereby appointed as Official Assignee of Karachi.   *   
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The Prosecution Service is governed under the Sindh Criminal Prosecution Service (Constitution, Functions and Powers) Act, 2009.

The main functions of the Prosecution Service are to conduct the prosecution in criminal cases on behalf of the State.

The Prosecution Service is headed by the Prosecutor General Sindh (BS-20), who appears in High Court and the Supreme Court. He is assisted by the Additional Prosecutors General (BS-19), Deputy Prosecutors General (BS-18) and Assistant Prosecutors General(BS-17).

In the Districts the Prosecution Service is headed by the District Public Prosecutors (BS-19). They are being assisted by the Deputy District Public Prosecutors (BS-18) and Assistant Deputy Public Prosecutors (BS-17).

In the Anti-Terrorism Courts, Anti-Corruption Courts and Anti-Encroachment Courts, the Prosecutors are posted by the Law Department with the approval of Law Secretary in consultation with the Prosecutor General. The Prosecutor General has the overall control upon the Prosecutors in the Province.

The transfers and postings of the Law Officers is also made with the approval of Law Secretary in consultation with the Prosecutor General.

Appeals against acquittal of accused persons are to be filed on the recommendations of the concerned Prosecutor and the recommendations of the Prosecutor General through Law Secretary with the approval of Law Minister.

Mr. Shahadat Awan Prosecutor General Sindh 99222676
Mr.Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro Additional Prosecutor General 0300-3018991 Hyderabad
Mr. Saleem Akhter Buriro Additional Prosecutor General 0300-3152101 Karachi
Ms. Akhter Rehana Additional Prosecutor General 0300-9230765 Karachi
Mr. Zafar Ahmed Khan Additional Prosecutor General 0333-2267849 Karachi
Mr. Khadim Hussain Deputy Prosecutor General 0333-3978870 Larkana
Ms. Rahat Ehsan Deputy Prosecutor General 0332-2151951 Karachi
Syed Meeral Shah Deputy Prosecutor General 0332-2151951 Hyderabad
Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Jatoi
Deputy Prosecutor General 0300-3112485 Sukkur
Mr. Ali Haider Saleem Assistant Prosecutor General 0300-2299364 Karachi
Mr. Abrar Ali Khichi Assistant Prosecutor General 0345-3858111 Karachi
Mr. Imtiaz Ali Jalbani Assistant Prosecutor General 0303-3760779 Karachi
Mr. Abdul Rehman Kolachi Assistant Prosecutor General 0334-2525698 Karachi
Mr. Abdullah Rajput Assistant Prosecutor General 0300-9281035 Karachi
Mr. Iqbal Awan Assistant Prosecutor General 0333-7271120 Karachi
Mr. Shahid Ahmed Shaikh Assistant Prosecutor General 0300-3793677 Hyderabad
Mr. Shehzado Saleem Assistant Prosecutor General 0301-3526714 Karachi
Mrs. Seema Aqdus Assistant Prosecutor General 0300-2759847 Karachi
Mr. Muntazir Mehdi Assistant Prosecutor General 0333-3356713 Karachi
Mr. Zahoor Shah Assistant Prosecutor General 0333-2117256 Karachi
Syed Sardar Ali Shah Assistant Prosecutor General 0321-3109818 Sukkur
Mr. Bashir Ahmed Memon Deputy Director 0321-9203113 Karachi
Mr. Qurban Ali Laghari Administrative Officer 0300-3009070 Karachi
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